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Join the #LockItDown Twitter chat, 4/23


Get tips on how to secure your business credentials and personal accounts at the same time!

Join the #LockItDown Twitter chat on Wednesday, April 23rd at 830pm ET.
Hosted by: @ADLupher & @ArmyWives101
Sponsor: @LionLockDC

Prizes: $150 in Visa gift cards

LionLock not effected by Heartbleed bug

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Recently, a vulnerability called “Heartbleed” that affects the common OpenSSL software was discovered. After review, LionLock has determined that none of its products or services offered to customers are affected.

Our software is built on top of Microsoft operating systems, which uses different SSL software than OpenSSL.

While our product is not affected, it is estimated that over 60% of the web uses OpenSSL, so a good portion of the web may be vulnerable. We strongly encourage customers to try and avoid connecting to vulnerable sites until the service notifies you of a fix to the problem.

For more information on the Heartbleed Security bug means for you and what you can do about it, check out this article on

Come party with the #PSWRDTAMER!

Come party with the #PSWRDTAMER!

Do your clients know where you’re keeping their passwords?
Join the Twitter chat on Monday, March 24th 7-8p ET using the hashtag #PSWRDTAMER

We will be talking about
– how to securely share accounts with team mates and clients
– security practices for conducting business online
– online security pointers for managing you and your client accounts
– and giving away great prizes!
(1) $25 Visa Gift card
(1) $50 Visa gift card
(1) $75 Visa gift card
(1) Grand prize // Free unlimited lifetime subscription to LionLock for you and your team!

>>> RSVP HERE <<< to be entered to win prizes!

Hosts: @MyMamihood & @Kpugs



Lions! Tigers! Passwords!

Managing lots of passwords for your business or clients? Let’s talk!

Join the #LionLock Twitter party on Tuesday, February 25th, 9-10p ET!
Hosts / @TruthfulMommy @Lizz_Porter
Prizes / (4) $25 Visa gift cards, (1) Grand Prize $75 Visa gift card!

LionLock now on Android!

We are happy to announce that a LionLock app is now available for free download on Android devices! Click here to start protecting your team’s passwords.

What can you accomplish with the LionLock Android app? Everything that you would do on with LionLock on your private computer. Only now, you can take that functionality with you everywhere!


  • Access all the passwords in your company and personal vaults.
  • Create new secrets and generate strong passwords
  • Share secrets with teammates, old and new
  • Log-in helper to access your web accounts
  • Copy & paste secrets
  • AES-256 encryption for ALL of your data
  • Audit reports of what other teammates access in your vault
  • Sync all of your data and passwords across all your LionLock vaults on all devices!

We are very pleased to share this new perk with you, but we’re just getting started! We are always looking for feedback and working to develop the ideal tool for your businesses to stay secure and productive. Write, comment, share, as you please! We are all ears.

First Post!

Hello, World!

We are officially up and running!  This blog is dedicated to password tamers everywhere.

That’s right.

Customers. Security experts. Security beginners. And YOU.

As we further settle into the realm of digital-everything, online security is becoming more important than ever. From e-mail, to filing taxes online, Facebook, online banking, and so on, we all have usernames and passwords we need to memorize. But did you know:

  • that 73% of people use the same password for multiple sites?
  • 33% of people use the same password for every site?
  • 60% of small businesses will close within six months of a successful cyber attack?

So if you have been hacked, lost access to your own account, or have experienced problems with sharing passwords, we can share a thing or two about staying secure in collaborative environments.

As a small business ourselves, and makers of security software, our goal is simple: To provide small businesses with a quick and convenient way of protecting their company passwords. More importantly, as people (that also have tons of passwords), we are here to provide you with the knowledge and tools to practice better online safety and productivity.

"The PC Weenies"

“The PC Weenies”

source 1: Mashable – Is Your Password Really Protecting You?

source 2: Forbes – Your Business is Never Too Small for a Cyber Attack