Why are passwords so important anyway?


Why are passwords so important anyway? For your online accounts, the only door protecting Joe Schmoe from getting to your private information is your username & password. Usernames identify who you are. Passwords validate your identity.

In some cases, it may seem like passwords are totally unnecessary (say for coupon sites or downloading free pictures…come on, seriously?)! But this security is very important for online accounts that store private and controlled information (like your company’s social media profiles, e-mails, files in DropBox, online payments, website hosting, etc.). And what is the only thing ensuring the control and confidentiality of this information? Your password.

With this in mind, here are 10 questions to ask your team right now.

  1. Are any of your passwords written down on paper?
  2. Does every account have a unique password?
  3. Do you keep passwords saved in your browser?
  4. Do you change all of your passwords regularly?
  5. Are passwords ever known by more than one individual at a time?
  6. Which passwords do you need to have memorized?
  7. Do you use strong, randomly generated, passwords?
  8. Do you use the same passwords between work and home?
  9. Are you using your personal e-mail address for any work accounts?
  10. Do you store passwords in a secure encrypted location?

LionLock will not only store your passwords, but help generate complex and unique passwords for all of your accounts. By using our secure and encrypted vaults, you can ensure that your team’s passwords are protected and there for you anytime you need them!

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LionLock makes secure, easy-to-use, password management software for small businesses & teams.

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